WINGHAM, ONT. -- There’s a lot of confusion about who can and who can’t have a campfire in Ontario this weekend.

The Ministry of Natural Resources put in place a burn ban for a large portion of Ontario Thursday evening.

It was reported as a “province-wide” burn ban, but in fact, it only affects area from Muskoka to Northern Ontario.

Southern Ontario is exempt from the burn ban, but some municipalities are implementing their own burn bans. The city of London enacted a ban effective April 1 to help ensure COVID-19 physical distancing.

“It was really confusing last night for a lot of people,” says chief William Hunter of Perth West and East.

“There are some municipalities that put burn bans in place and others like ours, that haven’t. People should really check with their local municipalities to find out,” says Hunter.

Bruce County is a region that has implemented a burn ban, although it wasn't required.

“Bruce County municipalities are currently in a state of emergency and therefore it is important that first responders remain available for other priority incidents,” says Bruce County’s fire coordinator and Saugeen Shores chief, Phil Eagleson.

Hunter says he understands people wanting to have a campfire after weeks in isolation. In most of Southern Ontario, that can happen with your own family, in your own backyard.