LONDON, ONT. -- While there seems to be a special day for everything, April 25 is a day that pet lovers will especially enjoy.

The last Sunday in April celebrates National Pet Parents Day, a day that recognizes parents who go above and beyond to take care of their fur babies.

Founded in 2007 by Veterinary Pet Insurance, the day was originally because the company was inspired at how many policy holders considered their pets a part of their family.

How can you celebrate National Pet Parents Day?

According to National Day Calendar's website, extra cuddle time with your pets is a great way to show your pets you love them, not that we aren't doing that all ready!

Of course, taking photos of your pets is always acceptable, but it is encouraged that you share them online with using the hastag, #NationalPetParentsDay.

So 'paws' what you're doing, and don't fur-get to share your photos.