Western University students who take part in the "Fake Homecoming" event could now face academic sanctions.

Western’s Board of Governors approved an amendment to the university’s Student Code of Conduct Thursday, with the code now applying to conduct at unsanctioned events.

The changes come as an effort to discourage extreme behavior at the FOCO event on Broughdale Avenue.

Western Associate Vice-President (Student Experience) Jennifer Massey says this is one approach in a collaboration between the university and city.

"What's really important is that Western is a key player in the work of the task force and we're really encouraged by the work that's underway from our collaborator and our partners,” Massey says.

Students could now face academic penalties for mid-conduct off campus.

The university will go ahead with sanctions for students who commit serious breaches of conduct off-campus.

The sanctions could range from written warnings, to behavioral contracts to expulsion.

An ad hoc committee was established in March to look at the issue.

The committee took the proposed changes to the board.

Massey says this was a “much needed step” and says she’s encouraged by the conversation around the board table and how this lines up with the overall strategy implemented under the task force’s direction.

University Students’ Council president Mitch Pratt says the change to the code is an important piece in the puzzle.

“I don't think there's one singular solution I think a lot of people have some very high expectations about this student code. ...I really think we need to temper some of these expectations as well,” Pratt says.

Questions came up at the meeting on how to ensure students are familiar with the code.

Some in attendance suggested having students sign the code.

Massey says it’s important that are students are well-versed in the code of student conduct and the implications and the expectations outlined in it.