Two years ago on Saturday, 29-year old Jonathan Zak was shot and killed in an east London park.

His murder remains unsolved.

On Saturday his friends and family tried to turn a place of tragedy into a place of hope and memorial.

"He was minding his own business, going home after a night playing games, when he was shot and his life ended by an unknown assailant," says Rev. Paul Browning.

A bench now stands, where his body once lay, friends, family and police gathered for the dedication to Zak.

Jonathan was a wild spirit, he was very free, he loved everything about life," says friend Jamie Classen.

Zak's pictures paint a picture of a man with a variety of interests, lots of friends, and a sense of adventure.

That is something his family hopes is captured in wishes tied to a nearby tree.

"That was something he would really like," says Jean Zak, Jonathan's mother.

Although it has been two years since Zak succumbed to his wounds, London police are holding out hope that they'll find his killer.

Officers reached out to those in attendance- handing out posters, reminding people of the $25,000 reward for information.

"There are people in this community who have knowledge who could help us move this case along, and we appeal to them to come forward," says Detective-Sgt Paul Bastien.

Zak was walking home from a friend's house in the early hours of May 31st 2012, when he was fatally shot.

While police believe he was robbed, they don't know the motive for the murder,

The park is known to be frequented by gangs.

Zak's loved ones are hoping the memorial and the wishes strung on a tree, will help people remember the young, caring man and come forward with information.