Londoners for Door to Door, a group pushing to keep home mail delivery, delivered its own message to city council Tuesday.

The organization collected 2,867 signatures on a petition expressing city residents' desire to maintain the service.

Wendy Goldsmith of Londoners for Door to Door said in a statement, "We have heard loudly and clearly from community members that nobody wants Canada Post to impose these self-serve mailboxes in our neighbourhoods. Instead, we want to protect jobs and maintain a public service that makes money for Canadians and provides door-to-door mail delivery."

Installation of community mailboxes has continued in the city despite the objections of residents and members of city council, who had asked Canada Post to put a hold on new mailboxes until after consultations could be held.

Councillor Virgina Ridley says, "Whey the rush on this, why not slow it down and make sure we're doing it right...I don't believe it's too late to make this a better process."

The city is now scheduled to voice their concerns to Canada Post at a committee meeting on Aug. 21, and the petition will be included in that meeting.

But Canada Post's Jon Hamilton tells CTV News that while they are responding to the city's concerns, there will be no delays in installation.

"You know this has been looked at many times, conversations will continue, but we do need to continue to move forward and make these changes as we are in many communities across the country."

Still, even though a community mailbox has been installed, Canada Post says they could still move it if there is a valid reason.

More information on comunity mailbox locations can be found on the city's website.