LONDON -- A second local health-care worker has also died after contracting COVID-19 in a health care setting.

In this case, it's a personal support worker at the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Sister Margo Ritchie, congregational leader, confirms the woman was a 16-year veteran at the congregation, which is part of the Diocese of London. Due to privacy concerns, she is only being referred to by her first name Maria.

“It’s an understatement to say it’s a tough week. Maria was a very loved member of our staff,” Ritchie says. “She worked in our care centre for 16 years, and I think one of the qualities that stands out most was her warmth, and also her dedication. She clearly enjoyed working here”

Ritchie says the Sisters, and staff at the facility, are in mourning but also grieving for the family that Maria left behind.

“The sisters are handling it as we do, we talk about it, we grieve about it, we pray. Particularly right now the sisters are remembering Maria’s family and planning to offer their expression of grief and sympathy to the family.”