LONDON, ONT. -- The London Transit Commission (LTC) held a special meeting Thursday afternoon and decided they will introduce measures to better protect bus drivers and passengers.

Among the changes, passengers will now be allowed to enter through the rear door of the bus, which means fares will not be collected.

The changes will be in effect from Friday, March 20 to Sunday, April 5.

Anyone with accessibility needs can continue to use the front door of the bus.

LTC Chair and Councillor Phil Squire, tells CTV News that this will have a significant financial impact on the LTC's budget.

Anyone who has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, or who has been in contact with a someone who has or is suspect of having COVID-19, is asked not to use public transit.

Riders are also asked to limit trips on public transit to essentials only.

Route changes and updates are available on the LTC's Real Time website.

Stratford Transit and Woodstock Transit have announced similar measures for riders as well.