MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- Starting Jan. 15, international travellers will no longer be able to get required COVID-19 tests at the city’s assessment centres.

Health officials say this change comes with a criteria change at the provincial level.

Anyone who needs a negative test before travelling or arriving at their destination is asked to consult their travel carrier and look for private testing facilities.

Those options will be posted at covidtestinglm.ca as they become available.

Those eligible to use the Carling Heights and Oakridge centres include those who:

  • are showing symptoms
  • have been notified of exposure to a confirmed case
  • live or work in a setting in COVID-19 outbreak
  • require a test as an essential health worker, for long-term care visits, medical procedures or cancer treatment
  • are eligible as part of a targeted Ministry of Health initiative

All booking for tests can be done online.