More bike lanes are coming to London streets, but long-time bike advocate Gary Brown is calling on city hall to burn its plan to expand the network.

Brown says other cities are light years ahead of London and the three-year plan won't see London catch up.

He claims it is just more of the same and will ultimately just continue London's road towards a disconnected and inadequate bike lane network.

City engineers have devised a new "short-term bike lane implementation plan" that will install 18 new bike lanes by the end of 2016. That will double the total number of kilometres to 80.

Brown says it won't fix the existing network but repeat the past.

"More of the same stuff, just putting a bit more paint on a few roads. Absolutely no plans for protected bike lanes, no plan for a safe bike route into the core of our city," says Brown.

The city has been spending just $200,000 a year on new bike lanes.

That amount is poised to grow with an increase in development charges.

Brown says its not just a matter of how much money city hall spends but rather how it spends the money.

With more money available, Brown hopes council will prioritize safe biking - but says without a better plan - that extra money is just being wasted.

"Take a match to the plan for starters, I think the city needs to bring in an outside cycling expert that has done this before. We have clearly demonstrated in the city that we don't have the expertise," says Brown.