A simple act of kindness can go a long way. That’s the motto of a new cookie company in London, that’s spreading joy one cookie at a time.

“It’s amazing how someone can feel better even for a moment even with a little bag of cookies.”

They’re called Kindness Cookies and co-founder Deb Parr-Nash says the name explains it all, because these tasty treats are made to put a smile on people’s faces.

“Small differences actually have a huge impact,” says Joanne Lombardi, who, along with her friend Parr-Nash, came up with the idea last year to bake and sell cookies, but with a twist.

“When you purchase our cookies it’s a box of cookies but it’s a baker’s dozen so the thirteenth cookie is the ‘kindness cookie.’ It’s meant to pay it forward to someone else so we created it so it’s individually wrapped and people can write a little note on the cookie,” says Parr-Nash.

Lombardi says this one kindness cookie can go a long way

“In the moment of getting a cookie - that single ‘kindness cookie’ it really sends a message that someone is thinking of you. Take a moment, stop and breathe, enjoy the cookie and then take your next step forward.”

The cookies are sold online and the team hand delivers the throughout London, but cookies can also be shipped across the county, spreading kindness from coast to coast.

The Kindness Cookie team can bake up to 500 cookies each day and can deliver thousands of cookies across the country each month.

There are several flavours to choose from such as chocolate chip, ginger, chocolate-ginger and even gluten-free options and Parr-Nash says the customer response has been great.

“You get people that say wow this tastes like my mom’s cookie, or my grandma’s cookie and they are home-baked and we use all the good ingredients like butter and stuff and we are really conscious of that.”

But the pair says it’s not just about baking cookies. The ‘kindness cookie’ business is also about spreading community awareness.

Just recently the team handed out kindness cookies to first responders as a thank you for their services and now are working on a new Kindness Campaign starting in April recognizing staff at long-term care homes.

Moving forward the hopes for the business are to grow the cookie operation and grow the community component as well.