Award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Hill is in London, not for a musical performance, but to speak about his battle with cancer.

He's sharing his story before an audience at the Hilton Hotel, to raise awareness about the disease and support the Canadian Cancer Society's donor legacy campaign.

Hill shot to fame with the song ‘Sometimes when we touch,’ but years later he was in the spotlight for a very different reason - disclosing his very personal battle with prostate cancer.

He describes his reaction when he got his cancer diagnosis.

"I think the first thing was shock. I got the news by telephone from my urologist 20 minutes before I was going on stage to do a two-hour solo concert."

Hill was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and opted for surgery.

"I was very, very lucky. I had a great surgeon. I kept myself in really good shape," he says.

He is one of a growing number of celebrities to talk about their cancer journey.

"There's this strange stigma of shame and secrecy. And again I do feel men suffer from this more than women.  I was really just blown away and impressed and touched by Angelina Jolie's absolute courage."

But he admits cancer has changed his life.

"Every moment is special now. I don't worry so much about what people think of me. I'm not so obsessed with success…I just really try to treasure every moment I'm alive and think of it as an exquisite gift."