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Hunger strike for homelessness moving ahead as planned


The group #TheForgotten519 says it is moving ahead with its planned hunger strike in front of London City Hall on Tuesday morning.

After what the organization calls a “disheartening” meeting with officials on Friday morning, members will begin the strike and claim it will escalate until demands are met, or a reasonable alternative solution has been agreed upon.

According to a release from the city, staff are concerned about the demands of #TheForgotten519 and believe that the actions they have outlined will put the health and safety of London’s most vulnerable people at greater risk.

The city says it does permit safe encampments and claims through the Coordinated Informed Response program, is monitoring close to 350 active encampments.

In July, the city says there were only four notices for removal posted — two of which were on private property and one was on a public sidewalk.

In response to the statement from the City of London, #TheForgotten519 tells CTV News, “We do not feel that the city's claim that only four campsites were destroyed in July. Given that the city denies tearing down "smaller" campsites, and given that we have witnessed or received reports directly from campers we are supporting about their smaller, often single tent, sites being torn down, it seems probable that a large amount of forced migrations are being excluded here.”

Demands by the organization include:

  • Immediate cessation of any removal of encampments, tents, campsites, or squats in city parks, along the Thames Valley Parkway, and in empty city lots, or lots that have been left to fall into disrepair by the property owners
  • Immediate transition of the City of London’s Coordinated Informed Response (CIR) Team from a displacement model, to a team that offers meaningful support (based on the self-identified needs of the campers) to campers at their campsites
  • Immediate creation of two indoor spaces (one in the core, one in the east end) that provide 24/7 support to people who are deprived of housing and shelter, or who simply need a safe place to be

The hunger strike is schedule to commence at 9 a.m. on Tuesday at 300 Dufferin Ave. Top Stories

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