LONDON, ONT -- Only 18 windows can be seen lit in downtown London's Delta Armouries hotel, but it's the shape they make that is drawing eyes.

Normally full of guests, the rest of the windows remain dark, except for the 18 rooms lit up to make the shape of a heart.

A clear message in the night to Londoners within eyesight of the famous hotel.

The hotel sits in the original armoury which was built in 1905.

The message in the windows comes at a time when the hotel industry has taken a major hit due to COVID-19.

Hotel Heart

Wednesday also saw the first full day of closures for non-essential businesses, which is scheduled to last for at least 14 days but could be extended if deemed necessary.

Messages of hope and inspiration have been popping up all over the city, whether it’s thank you notes in sidewalk chalk to healthcare workers and first responders, or a lady dressed as a dinosaur to walk her dogs, Londoners are doing what they can to keep each other smiling.

Now, perhaps a heart in the sky can do just that. is introducing a new series of uplifting stories as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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