LONDON, ONT. -- The Corporate and Protective Services Committee in London is looking at approving a fully accessible playground for Southwest Optimistic Park on Southdale Road.

“There’s always a need,” says Scott Stafford, the director of Parks and Forestry. “I think we’re gradually moving all of our playgrounds as we build new ones to completely accessible playgrounds.”

The $175,000 project is being made possible because of the Collins family at Hully Gully.

“This marks our 50th year old being in business so with all of the things with COVID we thought this would be a great time to, you know, bring as much joy as we can with this to the kids in London,” says owner Randy Collins.

This is not a first for the Collins family, who have already funded several projects including Saturn Playgrounds.

“It’s going to be accessible to all children and you know it should be a lot of fun,” adds Collins.

The proposal must go to the Corporate and Protective Services Committee on Tuesday evening before any approvals are made.