WINGHAM, Ont. - Cities across Canada, including in London and Goderich, Ont., are taking part in a massive push for action on climate change Friday.

Over 150 people turned up in Goderich’s Courthouse Square to say “enough is enough.”

Climate strikes across the region are imploring regional, provincial and national decision-makers to take climate change seriously.

People in the crowd in Goderich on Friday say the time for talk is over, concrete action has to be next.

Climate strike participant Nicole Miller says, “I’m here for my girls. We only have one planet and we have do more to protect it.”

Kimberly Payne echoes her concerns, “As a mother I want the best for my children and grandchildren. We are not doing the best we can right now.”

Climate marches are being held in at least 85 Canadian cities, including London, Owen Sound, and Waterloo, with thousands participating.

In Toronto and Ottawa alone there were hundreds of thousands of marchers, while the inspiration for the strikes, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, joined the rally in Montreal.

At the start of the Toronto protest, the group gathered outside the Ontario legislature chanting "System change, not climate change," with one person carrying a sign that read "Every disaster movie starts with a scientist being ignored."

The events cap off a week of international protest and calls to do more to slow global warming.

Around the world, hundreds of rallies were held last week, including one in London, Ont.

This Friday's rally in London saw local protesters gather by the hundreds to march from London's city hall to various locations in the city.

- With files from The Canadian Press