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'Six collisions at intersection since August': Neighbours say change needed at rural Oxford County corner

After another serious collision has left one person fighting for their life, neighbours are calling for changes to an Oxford County intersection.

“This is the sixth crash here since August,” says Steve Hart, who lives at the corner of Highway 59 and Oxford Road 33, north of Woodstock, Ont.

Two vehicles collided at the corner Saturday and OPP say one person suffered life threatening injuries.

“I think the county could definitely start with some rumble strips or maybe a flashing light there,” says Steve’s son, Hunter Hart.

They live on the southwest corner, and the two vehicles involved ended up on their front lawn Saturday.

“I would say a lot of them are from [Oxford Road] 33,” says Hunter.

OPP traffic investigators attend a two-vehicle collision on Oct. 29, 2022 at the Oxford County intersection of Highway 59 and Oxford Road 33, north of Woodstock, Ont. (Brent Lale/CTV News London)

Hunter adds, “People driving too fast, and they all suddenly realize there's a stop sign and now you can't stop. There’s also a bit of a crown in the hill and if somebody's whistling down [Highway] 59, they might be moving a little quicker than I would expect. People use a turning lane as a passing lane, and that’s just as a disaster waiting to happen.”

On the northeast corner of the intersection, farmer Ken Yeoman has lived there for 60 years. He wants some changes made to make the intersection safer.

“My heart and thoughts go to the people that just in the accident the other day,” says Yeoman. “My own family two years ago had an accident. It was my daughter and her two kids so it's become real serious for our family and all our families. We’ve actually been talking to the county for the last couple of years and it just seems like they're the non responsive.”

The county says the intersection was identified in the 2019 master plan of rural intersections, and showed the fifth highest number of collisions at that time.

Neighbours say six crashes have happened since August at the corner of Oxford Road 33 and Highway 59, north of Woodstock, Ont. (Brent Lale/CTV News London)

“It was recommended that we take a further look at that location," says Frank Gross, manager of transportation for Oxford County. “We did complete an intersection study in 2021. The recommendations from that study indicated some immediate measures like an overhead flashing light, flashing lights on the stop signs on Oxford Road 33, rumble strips, as well as left turn lanes on Oxford Road 59.”

Gross says that is in the planning stage now, with a goal of implementing the changes in 2023 subject to budget approval.

He adds the study results didn’t meet the warrants for an all-way stop or traffic signals but they will continue to monitor the intersection.

“We're aware of the number of collisions there and aware of some of the safety concerns so [we] are taking steps to see that those are implemented,” says Gross.

Until that happens, Hunter believes a number of these collisions can be prevented.

“People are getting hurt over the simplest thing,” says Hunter. “Just stop! It's all you got to do! Just stop, and slow down! Tomorrow is coming, and you'll be alright.” Top Stories


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