The London North Centre riding has been the focus of strategic voting efforts, where they could have an impact on the results.

Liberal candidate Peter Fragiskatos is a King's University College political scientist. He understands strategy, but want the focus on policy.

"Look at the platforms, I really do believe our platform is putting out the kind of constructive vision that this city needs right now," he says.

Incumbent Conservative Susan Truppe is confident that her own face-to-face meetings with voters will help her secure re-election from the ridings 88,000 eligible voters.

"Really I'm not doing anything any different. What I did last time that helped me get elected was talking one on one with the voters at the door."

But Truppe's win in 2011 was by a narrow margin - fewer than 2,000 votes.

While the Green Party has yet to repeat the success of the 2006 byelection, when Elizabeth May finished second in the riding, candidate Carol Dyck believes her message is resonating.

"I'm getting the issues out there and if I'm getting the issues out there I am making the Liberals talk about proportional representation, making them talk about climate change," she says.

The NDP's German Gutierrez, a journalist and teacher at Fanshawe College, says he's running to win.

"To become not the voice of Ottawa in London North Centre, but the voice of London North Centre in Oottawa - that is real change."

Strategic voting websites have focused on the riding, encouraging voters opposed to one candidate to vote together for an opponent most likely to defeat them based on polling data.

But not everyone believes it will turn the riding into a two-way race.

"Strategic voting means nothing to me. We need a Canada that is out of strategic voting, we are not playing chess. We have to deal with the issues of a nation," Gutierrez says.

Dyck adds, "Vote for the person you think best represents you, really you should not pay attention to strategic voting because its based on polls that are not 100 per cent guaranteed."

The Liberals and Conservatives agree that success will have little to do with strategic voting and everything to do with their campaigns.

Fragiskatos says, "It is going to be a close race, we know that, but you have to knock on doors, go to events, engage with the public."

"It's interesting that everybody is watching London North Centre. It puts us on the map and we are working really hard," Truppe says.

Also running in the riding is Marvin Roman for the Marxist-Leninist Party.