London police confirmed they are investigating a complaint against a local priest after church officials reportedly said more than $500,000 for refugee sponsorship was lost to gambling.

In a report from the Toronto Star it was learned that Father Amer Saka with St. Joseph Chaldean Church in London is under investigation for the loss.

Father Saka reportedly told his bishop that the funds meant to for refugee sponsorship were gone.

According to the Star report Father Saka voluntarily checked in for treatment at Southdown Institute and was suspended.

St. Joseph Chaldean Church is not part of the Diocese of London as it is part of Canada’s Chaldean eparchy in Hamilton

The Chaldean Catholic Church is based in Baghdad Iraq.

London police confirmed for CTV News that an investigation was launched by the Fraud Unit on February 24th.

The investigation began after church officials in Hamilton filed a complaint.  London police say the diocese is cooperating with the investigation.