It's been a terrible winter for area roads, and after the latest rain and freeze, there's a new problem: bumpy, icy roads.

Pauline Davidson has lived on Queenston Crescent for 29 years and this is the worst condition she's seen it in.

"It's like going over rocks and boulders," says Davidson.

She's not the only one concerned. Complaints about icy, rutted roads are coming in across the city.

The city is working to fix the problem, but digging up lots of ice bonded to the road does come with some challenges.

"What we have to do is use a large motor grader, very heavy piece of equipment, slow moving, that can put a lot of down pressure on the blade and get the ice up," says John Parsons, manager of roadside operations for the city.

Getting out the special ice cutting machinery also means it's about 10 times more than regular snow removal.

And city hall is asking for patience because besides cleaning up this mess, they're also working on pothole repair and clearing sidewalks.

Complaints are reaching the ears of city councillors - but it's slow going, and councillors may have to wait their turn.

"Well I'm trying to get in line in front of all the other councillors so that the whole city can actually be served. There's a lot of concern, and a lot of complaint," says Councillor Joe Swan.

Complaints that Davidson knows all too well.

"We don't want damage to our cars. I just think something should have been done before this weekend," says Davidson.