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Golf greens open on Green Day

The Irish may have all the luck on St. Patrick's Day, but some area golfers believe they are fortunate today.

At least one area golf course, Pine Knot, located east of Dorchester is open.

Dean Gocan, the course manager, made the decision even though you can still find snow on the course and ice in some ponds.

“We do have a few of the Canadian hard water hazards as I like to call them,” he concedes with humour.

Gocan says beyond the remnants of winter, conditions are ideal for early in the season. The greens have even been rolled thanks to Pine Knot extensive drainage system.

Golfers at Pine Knot in Dorchester, Ont. on March 17, 2022. (Sean Irvine/CTV London)

Many of those fortunate to get one of 270 available tee tees Thursday credited St. Patrick's Day luck for their good fortune.

Brian Smith, who drove from Stratford to play, is among them. “It’s a great day any day to be on the green,” he says, adding his partial Irish blood and another tradition doesn’t hurt, “Got to mix in a little Baileys”

Even though it is early in the season, CTV London cameras captured lots of decent shots and reactions from happy golfers.

Some credited a leprechaun on the course for their good fortune or just Sav Neth, who acknowledged he looks like one. Dressed from head-to-toe in green, he was ready to celebrate golf and Irish traditions. “Always, a little drink after, some buddies and good times, that’s what it is all about.”

Sav Neth at Pine Knot in Dorchester, Ont. on March 17, 2022. (Sean Irvine/CTV London)

But while, for many, St. Patrick’s Day includes green beer and green clothing, for golf courses, the day marks the start of making green, more now than ever before.

Gocan acknowledges two years of COVID restrictions and other economic challenges have hurt the bottom line.

“Hopefully, the worst is behind us, and we can carry on. You know with the cost of everything rising, the minimum wage is rising. We’re trying to keep the cost to a minimum.”

But Gocan is among those believing the tide may have turned while pointing out St. Patrick’s Day has definitely presented a good omen. “We had some luck! An Irish guy had a hole in one on number eight.”

And for those whose game may not be perfect, the date on the calendar, and the weather, still has them smiling.

“I”m super fortunate to be here, and you can’t ask for better weather”, says Linda Pocztanski

Wayne Stewart, who travelled from Cambridge to tee off, concurs. “These spots are like gold. Everybody wants one now that the weather is here.” Top Stories

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