LONDON, ONT. -- Ontario Provincial Police say foul play has been ruled out in a fatal apartment fire in West Lorne, Ont.

The fire, which has been deemed not suspicious, began in the morning on Wednesday March 10.

Crews initially found no one inside at the time of the fire despite reports that there may have been a woman in the apartment.

During an investigation following the fire, the body of April Calcutt, 38, was found.

The OPP worked with the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Officer of the Chief Coroner and were able to rule out foul play.

Officials have not yet said why Calcutt was not found during the initial fire call and the investigation is ongoing.

April Calcutt

Members of Calcutt’s family took to social media immediately following the fire saying that she was missing.

It was Thursday when police notified that public that her body had been found within the apartment.

CTV News was at the scene during the fire, at the time officials said that no one was in the apartment after conducting a search.

According to OPP it was investigators with the Office of the Fire Marshall that discovered Calcutt’s body.