One of the final pieces of Goderich's post-tornado reconstruction is finally underway.

Six buildings on the Courthouse Square levelled by the tornado two years ago are being rebuilt.

"It's so nice to see work on this Kingston block. It's going to help us put closure to what happened to us," says Mayor Deb Shewfelt.

The Kingston block consisted of five businesses on Goderich's famous Courthouse Square.

The heritage building was heavily damaged in the August 2011 tornado and had to be torn down. It has sat empty and ugly ever since.

"It's really the last eyesore left over from the tornado. It's really nice to see some activity finally happening here to match the rest of the beautification that's happened around the square," says resident Dwight Vincent.

The block was by far the largest concentration of damage on the square, which complicated rebuilding efforts.

"Five different owners. They all had to come together and figure out what they wanted to do with the building and developer. A lot of work from our town staff too to make this finally happen," says Shewfelt.

Five stores including at least one restaurant along with 14 apartments will soon make up the rebuilt Kingston block.

Its resurrection is a welcome sight to fellow downtown businesses.

"It's going to be a real anchor for our downtown. More retail, more residential, a really great addition," says Dean Whalen-Lighthouse of the Goderich BIA.

If all goes well, this final chapter of Goderich's downtown resurrection will be complete by the end of July.