GRAND BEND, ON -- A beautiful weekend with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine could tempt people to go places that are deemed off-limits.

Under normal circumstances, many people would flock to the beach to cool down during the nicer weather.

Unfortunately, that's not allowed so far this summer, as beaches are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A usual hot spot tourist attraction, Grand Bend saw many people driving up and down the roads on their motorcycles, but not a lot of pedestrians filled the sidewalks. 

"Being on a bike…it’s only the two of us, so aren’t really interacting with people," says Renata Urbansk, an avid motorcyclist who stopped for lunch in the area. 

Tourist Avery Schultz walked her dog along the strip; something she said she usually has a hard time doing. 

"It’s like dead…there is no one up here. You had to like stand on the side of the street letting people walk by, but now it’s like you’re the only one on the street," says Schultz.

The owner of a restaurant on the downtown strip says business is not booming. 

"It makes an impact on all the business in grand bend," says Thomas Low, owner of Simply House.

"Especially downtown…and recently we just closed the beach so there isn't much traffic or tourists to visit here."

Low adds that he is glad he can serve take out orders to the community and hopes people will continue to visit Grand Bend.

Despite the clear blue skies, no one crossed the line making their way on the beach today. 

A road closure sign has been placed to block off any cars from sneaking through as a precaution.