LONDON, ONT. -- Empty classrooms left exactly the way they were. Calendars still on March, it’s as if time has stood still.

“It’s a time capsule. It’s frozen in time for March and for me what’s resonated the most since I’ve been back here is that a school without kids, is just a building,” says Stoneybrook Public School teacher Danielle Braney.

Braney says it’s nice to be back in her class for this short moment and to see coworkers, however there one thing she’s still missing the most.

“The kids! Without a doubt. The stories, the laughs, the cries, the tears, the hugs, all of the stuff that make our days worth coming to school.”

For now, all Braney can do is bag up her students belongings and pile them up in the in the school gymnasium.

Principal Melinda Curran says it’s hard for staff not being able to properly say good bye to their students.

“It’s nice to see staff again but I know their faces are long because it’s not the way they’ve ever had to wrap up a year before. It’s been a bit emotional for people and will continue to be.”

Curran says once each teacher has had a chance this week to gather the students belongings there will be curb-side pickup starting next week for parents.

Parents that she wants to thank because she knows this also hasn’t been an easy time for them or their children.

“The families have stepped up and been supportive and have been really appreciative of what all the staff have been doing, which they know has been a new learning curve for them as well,” says Curran. “So, thank you to all our Stoneybrook families and we can’t wait to have you all back into the building.”

Schools are in the process of emailing and calling parents about set pick up times for their children’s belongings. Parents can call or email their school for more information.