LONDON, ONT -- More than 12,000 Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices have been sent to students in need within the Thames Valley District School Board for online learning.

The board has also ordered more than 600 wireless computer devices for hundreds of families that do not have internet service at home.

“The shutdown of schools by the coronavirus pandemic has made us redefine the way teaching and learning is delivered, and we have to do everything we can to make sure every student has the opportunity to continue learning,” said Education Director Mark Fisher.

Until the wireless devices are ready the board is providing printed learning resources for those families without internet.

“We don’t want any student to be negatively impacted due to the pandemic. Our educators will be focused on learning versus evaluation, and no student grade will go down as a result of the pandemic. If students make an effort, grades can only go up,” said Fisher.

The board is also committed to providing supports beyond academics with social workers, attendance counsellors and psychologists contacting students struggling with anxiety and stress.