Former MP Ed Holder has been elected the new mayor of London after fourteen rounds of counting the ranked ballots.

The results came early Tuesday afternoon. Round after round through the morning failed to o produce a clear winner.

Holder took a grand total of 57,609 votes, with Paul Paolatto coming in second with 31,061, Tanya Park third with 22, 415 and Paul Cheng fourth with 19,616.

The race for mayor is not the only one in London that had no clear winner after the first round of ballots, with several wards needing more than one to produce a final result.

Final results for all of the wards are as follows:

  • Ward 1: Michael Van Holst
  • Ward 2: Shawn Lewis
  • Ward 3: Mo Salih
  • Ward 4: Jesse Helmer
  • Ward 5: Maureen Cassidy
  • Ward 6: Phil Squire
  • Ward 7: Josh Morgan
  • Ward 8: Steve Lehman
  • Ward 9: Anna Hopkins
  • Ward 10: Paul Van Meerbergen
  • Ward 11: Stephen Turner
  • Ward 12: Elizabeth Peloza
  • Ward 13: Arielle Kayabaga
  • Ward 14: Steven Hillier

For full standings visit our Results page and for school board results you can visit the City of London's results page.