Two young cats are recuperating after being found by a Norfolk County worker trapped in a crate and dumped in a rural ditch.

The cats, just a year old, were found early Tuesday and are now in the care of the Simcoe and District Humane Society.

The humane society's Cathie Hosken says, "It wasn't where anybody would notice. It was down in the ditch, about 10 feet away from the roadway."

The group says the cats were in a grave situation, freezing in the extreme cold inside their flimsy cage.

"This is a death sentence to these cats if nobody had found them," Hosken says. "Or the freezing rain that came last night, what would have happened to them? And it's very wrong."

Now dubbed Snowcone and Frosty, the pair are improving in the care of the humane society.

The OPP and OSPCA have been notified about the case,  but no further details have been released.

Pet owners are being reminded that there are options for unwanted animals, from aid agencies to private adoption, even if a shelter can't accomodate them.