LONDON, ONT -- A “breach of privacy" is how Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner refers to information discovered on electronics abandoned by the Middlesex London Health Unit during a recent move.

The commissioner also commends the actions of local authorities to contain the breach and “minimize the impact.”

It was last month when Warden Cathy Burghardt-Jesson explained why Middlesex County contacted Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Staff had discovered personal information and potential personal health information on electronics abandoned inside 50 King St by the Middlesex London Health Unit during its recent move to Citiplaza.

Now Privacy Commissioner Brian Beamish has provided the following statement to CTV News:

"The county acted responsibly by notifying my office, and ensuring that any potential further breaches of privacy were immediately contained."

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While providing no new details about the type or quantity of information involved, the Commissioner’s statement concludes, "We continue to explore ways to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent further breaches of this nature."

Beamish did not say what the next steps may be or how the information found will be handled.

Middlesex County tells CTV News that it is waiting for that guidance from the Privacy Commissioner’s office.

Meanwhile the Middlesex London Health Unit says it will provide a response on Tuesday.

The electronics and information are still being securely stored by Middlesex County.