Marek Sutherland

CTV News London Video Journalist


Marek's been a television addict from the time he was “knee high to a grasshopper.” He remembers watching the 1984 Olympics, and Wayne Gretzky scoring 215 points during the 85-86 NHL season; but it wasn’t sports that always kept me glued to the tube.

He says he read newspapers from the age of five years old, and watched the evening news with his parents every night. "I needed to know the news everyday from the Persian Gulf Crisis in 1985, the Challenger Explosion, and the Berlin Wall coming down."

Marek managed his high school radio station, ran a DJ company, was a referee (after he quit playing hockey), was an announcer for every kind of sport, and then moved to London and hosted a couple of shows on Rogers while at Fanshawe’s School of Journalism.

After graduating he spent a summer in radio, reading the morning news on the weekend in North Bay (early-early mornings). Then he decided to come back to London, because "TV is what I wanted to do. I spent another year in school and started with CFPL the next spring. I couldn’t be happier here and look forward to many years to come in the sunny southwest.

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