LONDON, ONT. -- Jukka Schotter, 20, has been putting in the paces with the hope that somewhere down the road, others won’t have to.

In January, his mother Gabi passed away after she battled pancreatic cancer for two years.

“She was a great mom always there for me you know really caring and loving,” says Schotter.

He says his mother was a former ultra-marathoner, but despite her physical fitness the cancer ravaged her body at the age of 53.

“Always staying fit you know always hiking, very active and that's kind of the reason for this whole fundraiser,” says Jukka.

In honour of his mom, Jukka will embark on a 900 kilometre trek walking the Bruce Trail from Niagara to Tobermory. He hopes to raise $50,000 for the Baker Centre for Pancreatic Cancer at the London Health Sciences Centre. He’s calling it, Cardinal Strong.

“She knew about the fundraiser before she passed and I kind of named it, Cardinal Strong because cardinals were always a symbol of hope for us through this whole time,” says Jukka.

To train for the walk Jukka has been putting in 20 to 30 kilometres a day so he's prepared. Even though he will be camping out and walking alone he knows his mom is not far away.

“She’s always on my mind and I miss her, says Jukka. “She'll be with me the whole time and she still feels like she's right by my side.”