The London Majors may have a future big leaguer in their organization. But it's not a player - it is 13-year-old broadcaster Dylan Baker.

“I definitely want to be in a major league broadcast booth at some point in my life,” he says. “When I’d play MLB The Show I’d always do the play-by-play. It’s so fun to call home runs, and to do play-by-play or colour commentary in the big leagues would be amazing.”

While others his age were playing Fortnite, the teenager started his own baseball podcast last year. He has already interviewed some of the best baseball minds in Canada..

“It's been great to interview Dan Shulman, Scott MacArthur and Mike Wilner. They’ve been so great to me, and getting a chance to talk to them at 13 is crazy.”

His small sample size of work was so impressive, the Majors brought him on board for their Facebook broadcasts this season..

When asked if he’s the prospect with the most big league potential in the organization, Majors Owner/Manager Roop Chanderdat laughed.

“He might be,” says Chanderdat. “You hear that voice, and just that knowledge of the game shines through. We’re lucky to have him and Noah (Smith) doing the games.”

“Having the ability to use social media has been huge for him,” says Dylan's father Chris Baker. “That’s how the Majors found him. It’s a platform that we didn't have as kids.”

Dylan is so passionate about this business, he recently went to Chicago for a week-long play-by play camp, with the chance to learn more about the craft, and interview pro athletes.

“We learned sideline reporting, pre-post game shows, and interviewing. I’ve learned so much there and It’s helped me along the road,” Dylan adds.

He won't be able to attend Tuesday's Majors game in Welland, as the talented player has his own baseball tryouts.

And if he keeps rising both on and off the field, eventually he may have to make a choice about which path to choose, but for now, he's only 13.