LONDON, ONT. -- Kenneth Nyamusa Junior started writing his book 'Survival of the Fittest' four years ago. Now at the age of 14, he's been published.

The book is about a young Black boy named Marcus - who has superpowers - and his mother.

“They have to try and navigate an evil organization who is trying to run experiments on Marcus,“ he explains. “I read a lot of comic books, action and adventure sort of genres so that inspired how I wrote this.”

Both his father and mother urged their son, who goes by Junior, to write the book.

“He was almost halfway into this book, he showed it to us and we looked at it and encouraged him to keep on writing, and one day we would help him publish it.” says his father, the elder Kenneth.

Both father and son are hoping 'Survival of the Fittest' inspires others, especially during Black History Month.

The book is part of the readings taking place in February through the London Public Library.

Nyamusa adds, “I just hope that maybe it can serve as an inspiration to other young Black people to show them that they can try and achieve anything they set their sights on.”