Londoner Jordan Strickland is being remembered for his contributions to the community after being tragically killed in a car accident on Friday, Feb. 21.

Photographs strewn across the family's coffee table tell stories of a life lived fully.

A brother, an athlete, a friend. Every day, Strickland had the ability to touch someone's life one way or another.

"Some of the people he affected, we didn't know who they were and we had no idea how he affected them. They are giving us stories about that now," says father Paul Strickland.

"He never said a word but he spoke so much with his eyes. He would be holding on to you right now. We all communicate more non-verbally than verbally but I don't think most people realize that," says Jordan's mother Janice Strickland.

So when the opportunity was given to donate Jordan's eyes, there was no question this was the right decision.

The happiness he displayed in his expression was often present when doing things he loved.

"Jordan was not afraid of anything, we've got pictures of him at Delaware Speedway going 100 km/h, roller coasters, skiing as fast as he can," Janice says.

Jordan was involved in several different organizations around London but the YMCA was always a huge part of his life.

"We got him attached to the 'Y' Camp but they invited him to be such an integral part of it. When I finally saw the camp and saw it was a bunch of giant rocks and that Jordan got around that place we were just in awe," says Janice.

When it came to a healthy competition in sports, number one is what Jordan longed for.

"If he could pass somebody on that last hill, he did. Jordan never finished last," says Paul.