If you or your children are suffering with a fever, you might want to take note of what a 12-year-old local entrepreneur has created.

Rayna Barnes has designed funky yet functional headbands to help with that pounding headache and fever.

The headbands have hot and cold gel packs inside them.

Rayna says one day she was thinking about how ill children have to put hot cloths on their heads when they’re sick.

She knew it’s never a fun prospect.

“I was sitting on the couch and I thought, ‘What if there was something better than a washcloth.’”

Rayna designed RbBandz, a funky headband that can be heated or cooled for anyone who has a headache or a fever.

Rayna and her mom sold the bands at a baby show a couple of months ago. It didn't take long for the purchasing manager at Forest City Surplus, Mark Wilkie-Facchin, to notice the product.

“I bought one for my wife and I was walking away ....and I did a 360 and turned back around and thought, ‘This is an awesome idea,’” says Wilkie-Facchin.

Now it is available at Forest City Surplus and online.

“We are always very supportive of local entrepreneurial endeavors,” he says.

But Rayna's story doesn't end there.

Although she loves inventing products, she’s always had a passion for helping others.

Part of the proceeds from RbBandz go toward the Ark Aid Street Mission, where Rayna volunteers.

She plans on continuing to invent products and wants to ensure what she creates will help others.

“I think of new ideas every day,” she says.

“When I grow up I want to make cabins for homeless people so that they have places to stay.”