Another big construction project is likely to cause traffic congestion, frayed nerves and irate business owners this summer.

Beginning Friday morning, Southdale Road lanes will be reduced from Ernest Avenue to Wellington Road and numerous businesses will be affected.

Drivers say they’ll consider shopping elsewhere.

“You don’t want to wait around. You don’t want to wait to get your groceries,” Mike Moniz says.

There is already roadwork on Southdale for widening west of Wharncliffe Road to Wonderland Road.

And even further east on Southdale, there are signs of more construction at Adelaide

Business people are wondering why there are so many projects all on Southdale at the same time.

Renee Farmer, who owns Forest of Flowers on Southdale, says the city should only do one project along the road at a time.

“Now, that it's all along Southdale, [drivers] are just going to forget Southdale and going to certain stores."

The city’s Edward Soldo says public consultation was done in advance.

The city has also said it will try to always have at least two lanes open along Southdale Road.