Highway 401 in Chatham-Kent has been voted the worst road in the South West Region.

CAA released the results for the worst roads campaign in 2018.

"It's clear from the results of this year's CAA Worst Roads campaign, that there are several roads that continue to be an issue for the public despite appearing on the list many times," said Raymond Chan, government relations specialist, CAA South Central Ontario. "There are also some roads that seem to be emerging as new challenges for road users, and so we will be encouraging decision-makers to look at these roads before issues become persistent."

Other roads listed in the Top 5 in the South West are: Seminole Street in Windsor, Plank Road in Sarnia, Huron Church Road in Windsor and Tecumseh Road East in Windsor.

It’s the fourth year in a year Tecumseh Road East made the list and the second year in a row for Seminole Street.

Ontario's Worst Road for 2018 is Burlington Street East in Hamilton for the second consecutive year.