LONDON, ONT -- It’s a business that got started back in 2009 called Eddy Crest, created by Adam Eddy who got the idea after helping his mother, who is a quilter, by making her a sewing table.

“Soon after we built the first one we had customers from my mother’s shop that said this is something I’m looking for and maybe we could do this or do that,” says Eddy.

“That’s how we evolved the sewing furniture aspect of the business and really kind of zoned in on our background knowledge we didn’t know we possessed.”

Eddy and a team of three others started building sewing tables, hundreds a year, that have made their way across North America.

“With the tables they are going everywhere across Canada and the U.S. So we have sewing tables in every province as well as the Yukon and we are in well over 40 states in the U.S.”

Eddy says being able to get input from his mom, other quilters and sewers has helped his team build comfortable sewing furniture.

“You can have a machine sitting and be nice and level and you can relax the shoulders and once you do that you can sew a little bit longer, sew a little more accurate so it actually improves the whole quality of your projects.”

The pandemic has not slowed down the business; in fact, it has made the demand for the tables greater.

“The industry is growing right now and I don’t think it’s just a fad,” says Eddy. “People are reconnecting with what they enjoy and with people reconnecting like that it means we are having more people wanting to be comfortable while they do it.”

Eddy Crest has been building sewing tables for approximately 11 years, and then when the pandemic started and more people were working from home, they started building office furniture as well.

“We are seeing there is a need for it and so my background with ergonomics through engineering has also been very applicable to bring in the knowledge for that and making sure people are working comfortably,” says Eddy.

Along with sewing and office furniture, the team also makes crokinole boards and masks.

Eddy says the hope moving forward is to expand his team as well as expand into home furniture as well.