It’s been three weeks since a tornado lashed the Grand Bend area and one woman still has a long road of recovery ahead.

Amy Boileau of Toronto was camping at Pinery Provincial Park on July 27 when a violent storm hit. Farther down the road in Lambton Shores, it was confirmed a tornado had touched down.

"It went from light rain to insane rain and wind to the crack,” Boileau says.

That crack was a large tree snapping and falling on the picnic table where she was sitting under a tarp with her five-year-old son Mickey.

Mickey went under the table when his mother was struck in the lower back from a falling tree. It shattered her pelvis and sacrum, a bone linking the pelvis to the back bone.

"Had I not gone, been going under the picnic table to either go after him or I might have pushed him under, that part's a blur, I would have...not been here."

Mickey and about 40 other family members at the park for a get together were unharmed, but Boileau will require about three months of bed rest before rehabilitation can start.

She had been in hospital for about a week when it really started to sink in how serious this incident was and how long the road to recovery would be.

"It's been a challenge and it's probably going to continue to be a huge challenge for her bones to heal and then to learn how to work all her muscles around them again,” says her sister Holly Boileau, who was also at the park and suffers from flashbacks of that day.

The sisters run an online specialty clothing line and they don’t have benefits and other income supports.

So family and friends have been fundraising.

"I feel so, so supported,” Amy Boileau says.

A fundraising site has been set up for her and total strangers have been making donations.

A London woman has even given the Toronto family free accommodations in her bed and breakfast.

"It feels so amazing and I feel so, so much gratitude and no words can explain it."

She can’t go back to her home because there are stairs and she can’t climb them. But she’s confident she’ll be able to make a full recovery.