A woman has died and a man is seriously injured following a two-vehicle collision on Longwoods Road west of Wardsville.

The collision left a dramatic looking scene for investigators with a pickup truck left on top of a silver sedan.

"This certainly is a catastrophic impact. In my career, I have never seen anything where one vehicle has jumped one like this. That is certainly hard to look at," said OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor.

Police say the two vehicle collision occurred around 6:40 a.m. on Longwoods Road about 45 minutes west of London.

A woman who lives nearby the crash scene said the impact sounded like a freight train hit a concrete wall.

"The impact shook the house...and we pretty much knew what happened," said Angie Banderydt."

Neighbours question the design of the road as the crash scene is part of a a long curve on Longwoods Road.

"It seems like everyone that's been in our front yard, they've hit the shoulder. I don't know if speed is a factor. They just raised the limit. It used to be 80, and now it's 90," Banderydt said.

Police have not named the female killed in the collision as they are working on notifying next of kin. A man was also injured in the crash and is in hospital.