The Ontario Fire Marshal's office was back on scene Sunday investigating Saturday's  $1.5 million fire on Limberlost Road.

The blaze left numerous people homeless after eight units of a townhouse complex were destroyed or damaged.

Stuart Dunlop had bought his townhome less than a year ago with his girlfriend.

“It’s sad. The roof over our bed is gone, you know, the bed we'd crawl into together every night."

But Dunlop hasn’t lost his perspective.

He was among the first to notice the flames that others later captured on cellphone cameras, late Saturday morning.

He was in his bedroom.

"I was looking out the window and saw a lot of smoke coming by. At first, I thought my neighbours were barbecuing and then I thought it's a bit eary for a barbecue. Then I looked out further and saw the whole back of their home was in flames. I couldn't believe it. I called the fire department."

Dunlop escaped the home with his dog as he and others alerted neighbours to the fire. Within minutes the smoke and flames reached into his newly renovated residence and beyond.

Emergency responders are amazed no one was injured, let alone killed in this massive fire, which caused so much damage.

"All eight units are impacted by the fire. Six have extensive damage. Two units have water and smoke damage. We're estimating the damage currently at $1.5 million,” says London fire inspector Jack Burt.

 A neighbour tells CTV News of two single mothers, new to london, without insurance. Another family with a small child has also lost all their possessions.

A number of social media pages have been set up to help them, along with agencies like the Salvation Army.

Dunlop is just happy he and his neighbours are alive.

“I am thankful it was during the day. If it had been at night, say two or three in the morning, who knows what could have happened."

The cause of the fire is still undetermined. Burt says inspectors will be back on scene Monday.