LONDON, ONT. -- Following an ice storm Sunday and a second round of snow early Monday morning London and the surrounding region will get a slight break from the wintry weather.

Temperatures will remain at or just below zero for the next few days, with some sunshine and little or no precipitation over the next week.

A small system of snow came through the region Monday morning leaving some school buses delayed.

An ice storm Sunday caused collisions in the London region, with a slew of crashes in the Woodstock and Ingersoll area.

OPP spent a busy morning informing drivers of crashes that closed roads and blocked lanes as freezing rain came down in much of Southwestern Ontario.

In London, salt trucks were out early as the storm moved in.

“Around 3:30 a.m., we had 27 salt trucks out and we were making rounds of main roads and bus routes,” says John Parsons, the city’s manager of transportation and roadside operations.

“Following that we brought in sidewalk machines to lightly sand sidewalks.”

On the 400 series highways, OPP spent the morning informing drivers of crashes that closed roads and blocked lanes.

“If you ever are involved in a collision, stay in your vehicle,” says OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. “If you spun out, there is a good chance another car can do the same and that will only [cause] to further tragedy.”

There were multiple jackknifed tractor trailers along Highway 401 and cars in ditches in Oxford County.

Several transport trucks were involved in a crash in the westbound lanes of Highway 401 near the Ingersoll ONroute and Foldens Line. All westbound lanes were blocked but reopened about 10:45 a.m.

A collision in Ingersoll at Thames Street and St. Andrew Street caused a light standard to fall on the roadway.

In Huron County, OPP asked motorists to avoid travelling due to the freezing rain and high winds. Police say driving conditions were poor right across the county.

There were downed hydro lines on Blyth Road near Loyal Line outside Goderich.

In London, there were pockets of power outages south of Highway 401. Customers along Dingman Drive and Highbury Avenue were expected to have power returned by early Sunday afternoon.

At the London International Airport, several flights, both arriving and departing were cancelled.

WestJet cancelled morning arrivals and departures to Toronto, while Air Canada had to inform passengers of both cancellations and delays.

And as the weather starts to turn towards winter, Parsons says the city will be ready every time the conditions change.

“We have staff on 24/7 watching these systems come in. We can react quickly and get trucks out within an hour. In some cases were are out in anticipation of that, treating different surfaces.”

-- With files from CTV London's Brent Lale