LONDON, ONT. -- There were anxious moments in the Byron area on Monday that ended with a 125 pound black bear being shot with tranquilizer gun and safely taken away by provincial wildlife workers.

It's something you don't see every day in London.

However, Bill Dowd from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, says urban growth and construction in the west end may be a factor.

“New subdivision, commercial properties, anytime there's construction going on that's going to disrupt the wildlife that live in that area and a lot of times that floods them into adjacent neighbourhoods,” said Dowd.

He says these wildlife issues won't go away anytime soon so homeowners need to take precautions.

“obviously with bigger predators such as bears, coyotes and fox you always have to be cautious,” said Dowd.

“Homeowners should animal-proof their home for foxes and coyotes make sure their not living under your deck or shed putting screen around those items.”

Dowd says animals are here to stay in urban centres so homeowners need to adapt.