For the first time since witnessing her husband shot dead in front of her eyes by London police, a woman is speaking out in a CTV News exclusive.

It's been three weeks since Melissa Facciolo, the widow of Samuel Maloney says she watched helplessly as over a dozen police officers descended on her Duchess Avenue home with a search warrant during an early morning raid.

Since that day on Dec. 23, she has been replaying the events in her mind, trying to make sense of what exactly happened.

"They shot him in the face. I was staring at him because I was like, 'Oh he's going to look at me.' I was just trying to see if he was okay and then all of a sudden they shot him in his cheek," says Facciolo.

"All of a sudden, we heard the door being smashed in. I saw all these guys in S.W.A.T. like you can't see their face, everything covered, pointing guns, running into the house and yelling," adds Facciolo.

The couple had been up early that morning, looking at properties on the internet with plans to buy a lot and build a new home for their growing family.

"When they first came in, he felt threatened and he shot at one of them with a crossbow that he had. That's one shot and it's gone."

With their kids in a separate bedroom, Facciolo says she was afraid what might happen to them.

"I just ran in there and just grabbed my kids as soon as I got in there." 

She says Maloney remained in a separate room, asking the officers if he could call his father or his lawyer Nick Cake.

CTV London spoke with Cake last month and he confirms he was on the phone line when Maloney was shot.

"Speaking as Sam would normally speak. Very calm, very cool, very collective, explained to me that the police were raiding his house and a subsequent conversation followed. It ended with me hearing the four shots and the phone line not going dead in the sense that the it hung up, but there was no more Sam," said Cake.

"They totally just shot at him when he was in the doorway, like I had my kids on my lap," says Facciolo.

"And even then, I thought he's gonna get up or something. I just couldn't believe that happened (sobs) and that's when he fell over and he did not look okay after that."

Facciolo was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon.

She spent Christmas behind bars but is now out on bail and reunited with her children.

She is staying with her sureties until her next court date on Feb 21.