KELVIN, ONT. -- Ontario Provincial Police and citizens along a roughly 20 kilometre stretch of road are bewildered by a brazen crime.

Thieves have stolen several road signs, including stop signs.

It happened over four days earlier this month on Burford Delhi Townline Road, between County Road 24 and the hamlet of Kelvin.

Kelvin is located on the borders of Norfolk and Brant counties. It is also within a few minutes' drive from Oxford.

The few who live here cannot believe somebody would put their lives at risk.

“People have to understand that stop signs are there for a reason and it is to save lives.” Police echo that statement.

Further, Acting Sgt. Ed Sanchuk points out how tragic this story could be. He says it is simply fortunate works crews noticed the thefts before a serious collision could occur.

“Do you really need to live with your conscience, for the rest of your life, knowing that a stop sign you stole from that intersection, has either caused somebody to be seriously injured or killed as a result of their actions?”

But not only stop signs have disappeared. Police say other traffic markers have vanished along Burford-Delhi Townline.

“And those road signs consisted of, speed signs, stop sign ahead signs, and intersection ahead signs.”

Sanchuk says if people stole the signs as a prank or as decoration for a den, they should wake up to what they’ve done. Olivera agrees.

“If it is kids playing pranks or joke, they need to be taught a lesson.”

Police are asking anyone in the area with security cameras to review footage.

Sanchuk also acknowledges police are investigating local reports that traffic signs have been offered recently online for sale.