Provincial police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for the arrest of Boris Panovski, in connection to the murder of a Caledon businessman.

On Friday, OPP issued the arrest warrant for Panovski, 70, who they say is considered armed and dangerous.

Police say Panovski and victim Donato Frigo, 70, were known to each. CTV London has learned that Panovski was a member of the same bird-dogging community as Frigo.

A picture on what is believed to be suspect’s Facebook page shows Panovski holding a national dog training champion quilt. A search of the National Open Dog Shooting Championship’s website names Panovski as the winner of the 2005 championship.

It’s unclear how recent a competitor Panovski was. Some people within the bird-dogging community knew of Panovski, while others hadn’t heard his name for years. Pictures on the Facebook page also show him in a photo with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The premier's office has issued a statement saying, "Premier Wynne does not know this individual. The images were taken at the St. Clements Macedonian Community Fest in Toronto on Aug. 10, one of hundreds of events the premier has attended."

Sources within the bird-dogging community tell CTV London that Panovski’s son, Mike Panovski was also a competitor in the bird-dogging world.

They also say his son was allegedly at the Hullett Wildlife Area, the site of the shooting, on Sept. 13. Police would not confirm any of these details, only reaffirming that Frigo and the suspect knew each other.

Residents who spoke with CTV London reporter, Scott Miller, say while they are happy that there is a suspect description, they would have liked more information a lot sooner.

Residents said knowing a lot earlier that there was an isolated, targeted shooting would have put their minds at ease.