LONDON, ONT. -- Business was on fire at Fokes Fireworks shop in London Ont. Sunday morning, as community members prepare to celebrate Victoria Day from the comfort of their backyards.

"Yes many people and so happy for that…usually people go and see the bigger show but now all of us want to be more safe," says Anna Fokes, owner of Fokes Fireworks.

Victoria Day is often a time where people gather to watch the city’s annual fireworks display, but this year COVID-19 has put a stop to the show.

Although the community event is cancelled, the City of London is allowing for backyard displays to go forward between dusk and 11 p.m. on Monday.

The day leading up, pockets of Londoners purchased fireworks via curbside pickup to end their holiday weekend off with a bang.

"Yah it was about $5-600 bucks actually, don’t tell me wife," jokes Kirk Black.

"We went to get pizza and when we were driving we saw the fireworks, and I convinced him into getting them," says nine year old Billie, who was out enjoying the weather with his dad Charlie.

To ensure that people stay safe on the holiday Monday, District Chief for the London Fire Fepartment, Steven Baker, outlined exactly what you need to know when setting off fireworks.

"This year without having public displays of fireworks, we anticipate we may be even busier with calls….You have to realize that you are carrying an explosive device and igniting an explosive device in front of children and other family members."

Baker says the perfect place to set up, is in the middle of a backyard where no trees overhang.

Also be mindful of dry grassy areas following a hot and humid weekend.

"As I said, ten to 30 metres away from spectators and other combustible materials, and make sure you have a pail of water near by just in case."

If a fire is sparked, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.