For at least one type of bird, it’s attractive enough to flee tropical climates.

An Anhinga, a bird that generally favours Florida, is among those that have been spotted in a wetland southwest of London.

Nestled amongst the grounds of the Delaware Sportsmen Club, the spot has become renowned for the birds it attracts, even though its sits within a private club.

But 40 years ago there was hardly a bird or critter in the area, according to long-time club member, Rick Faulds.

“Well, it didn’t seem to be populated by anything.”

Enter Ducks Unlimited.

In 1978, they built a dam to retain water in a wet marsh area that frequently dried out. Faulds says things immediately changed.

“It’s really brought nature back into the area.”

But after 40 years of use, the dam was showing signs of failure, so Ducks Unlimited stepped in again.

The dam has been refurbished at a cost about $60,000.

It’s one of 100 similar wetland projects in our area.

All are designed to contain sentiment and prevent runoff from finding its way into Lake Erie.