A photo on Instagram is raising eyebrows following the Reunion Weekend at Western University.

The shot of four young men wearing purple Western gear in front of a "Western Lives Matter" sign is receiving plenty of attention on and offline.

Western's Students' Council has come out against the sign, it's in poor taste and problematic.

It's hoping that in the future the student body can be more sensitive.

"I think it's an educational opportunity and we need to understand that this is kind of the epitome of ignorance and priviledge right now and our students largely have to have a better understanding of some of these racialized issues. Understand the Black Lives Matter movement and that its representing years of oppression and violence and that comparing it to something like the upheaval of the students at homecoming date change is not really comparable. It's inappropriate to do so and essentially belittles that entire movement," says Eddy Avila, President of the Western Students' Council.

Meanwhile, the university's Associate Vice-President of Student Experience Jana Luker issued a statement on the issue early Tuesday evening.

"Western does not tolerate racism. Western University considers the ‘Western Lives Matter’ banner to be contrary to the university’s values. In conjunction with Campus Community Police Service (CCPS) and London Police Service (LPS), Western is investigating this matter to determine whether individuals involved will be dealt with under Western’s Code of Student Conduct.

Senior administration wants to assure the entire Western community that these types of transgressions are hurtful, disrespectful and demeaning. They do, however, provide an opportunity for further conversations with campus leaders and community partners.

Western’s administration, along with the University Students’ Council (USC), Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) and Western’s Equity and Human Rights Services, will work collaboratively with campus and community individuals and groups to create opportunities to examine issues of racism on campus and to further engage in conversation and learning in a productive manner."