If you’re noticing more men sporting the start of moustaches, it’s because November is upon us.

And that means a month of 'Movember' activities.

Through the power of the moustache, men around the world stand in solidarity, raising funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.

Last year globally, the movement raised more than $146.6 million with more than 1.1 million Mo Bros (and Mo Sistas) involved.

Locally, one group in particular raised so much that they've been ranked internationally. Last year, Western University collected $131,000, which is third among universities in North America.

The president of the university’s Movember team, John Hooper, is getting the campus ready for the month of activities.

“There's definitely camaraderie of respecting another man's mo. When you're walking around campus you give someone a nod if they've got a good mo,” he says.

And he hopes the females will support the cause as well.

“We like to get girls involved, just so they can get their man out to the doctor and get him checked. It’s really just promoting men's health and why can't girls help?”

Hooper will be starting fresh on Friday to grow his moustache and many other men on campus will be joining him in letting their mo grow.

“People who can grow a moustache like myself should definitely participate. It's for a good cause,” says Mohammed Kamalia.

But for Thomas Marrone, it’s not so easy. “I get, like, peach fuzz, but still I try my best and that's all that matters.”

Some women on campus, such as Ashley Chaves, are glad the men are responding to the cause.

“It's nice to see guys getting involved in health promotion. I personally like moustaches so I think it's a great idea,” she says.