LONDON, ONT. -- Originally scheduled for mid-October, Western's Homecoming celebrations will take place virtually this year.

"Homecoming is one of the University’s most cherished traditions, with more than 10,000 alumni returning to campus each year to reconnect and reminisce," said David Simmonds, Homecoming chair.

Although they can't bring people together in person, plans are coming together to provide an alternate virtual event the weekend of October 16-18.

And the following year will see a change in the date of the celebrations.

"After consultation with our alumni and student leaders, Homecoming 2021 will take place September 24 to 26. This date increases the likelihood of good weather when our alumni are on campus and allows for increased participation from our future alumni – our students – the heart of our University," says Tyler Forkes, Western’s executive director of Alumni Relations.

Details for Homecoming 2020, as well as reunion milestones this year are expected to be announced this summer.